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coming from Roswell, NM may have something to do with this, also listening to a Vancouver B.C. lecture by the poet Jack Spicer . . . drawing by Jeff Bryan!


What’s really important is that the eye be open to the ear
. and the ear be open to the heart.
. . The heart whatever it is, be open to the breath.
. . . The breath be open to the art of the mind.
. . . . The direction of creativity taking over.
. . . . In that the given direction be given.
. . . Oh heart-intellect, intuition
. . it falls from the sky into your lap and you can get up,
. let it fall to the floor and be swept away,
or recognize, oh mind of the art, this seed,
. unusual object fell from the sky
. . or earth essence made manifest.
. . . Mother sky, father earth, moon goddess why?

. . . . Practice allows me to recognize
. . . when something different approaches.
. . As everyone may, learn to
. appreciate originality.
There is no known marking on this thing in my lap,
. this piece of equipment. Of what use is it.
. . How big is it. What material is it made of?
. . . Where, Creator, did it come from?
. . . . Can I trust it?
. . .. . What shall I do with it.
. . .. I look at it. Oh, I hear something it says.
. .. A heart beating inside. How exciting!
. . This is the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me.
. My God, it’s breathing.
Such long slow breaths.
. What lights! What markings.
.. Oh it says for me to follow my art.
...My art of mind.
.... The direction of creativity taking over.
..... The giving of it, take up
.... and build on it, you, me. Yes,
... we.
.. Here it is, I hope you find it as curious as I did.
. I just took it and went from there
where it and I followed, fostering.
.This is how I got here.
.. I am truly appreciative.
... Life has a lot of joy when something new
.... arrives on the scene.
..... It happens almost every other day
.... to me.
... Here
.. What do you think?
. Or is it just

larry goodell / placitas, new mexico
from Breath, poems 2002


from 12 Poems - Odds & Ins In Voice Alone - Larry Goodell, track released May 31, 2012




Larry Goodell Placitas, New Mexico

broadcast poems, poems from friends, duende & small press, my reading performances, , songs, plays, interviews, poems with piano accompaning, improvised keyboard music -live poetry of many dimensions
radio interviews and vitalities - a lifelong resident of new mexico editor publisher performance poet in his 80's exploring the digital universe and happy to share with you
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